Kent Meeker

IT Manager / Development Department

Roy Kenton Meeker, Kent to most, is our IT Manager. As part of our Development Department, his responsibilities include managing our AWS Cloud Backup Configuration and maintenance, as well as assisting our programmers as needed. Although his only experience with flooring is having walked on it, he has a vast and well-rounded background in many things IT. Prior to joining RollMaster, Kent cofounded and ran a tech company for many years that enabled funeral homes to upload images, attach music and text, and have it viewable during visitations and online. He also spent many years in IT in the medical sterilization field. RollMaster’s remote work environment helped lure him into our service and we’re excited to have him onboard. A veteran of the US Army, Kent excelled in technical troubleshooting and implementation, completed 20+ certifications, and helped design several multi-site/multi-region Supply Chain Data Base Management Systems during his service to our country. When he’s not being all “techie” Kent turns to music. He has mastered several instruments, performs regularly, and has lead worship at his church for 17 years and counting. He also loves tending to his four chihuahuas, going to outdoor musical venues, often performing, and spending time with family and friends.

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