When accuracy and efficiency are key to a successful multi-family focused business, you need a comprehensive, fully integrated business management software system that can handle it all! Unlike other flooring software that only handles small projects, RollMaster was programmed to not only suit the specific needs of a multi-family operation, but help it to grow and stay profitable. We connect you to your clients and vendors, provide accurate integrated estimating, and deliver on all other areas of your flooring business. RollMaster handles it all!

We Know the Multi-family Flooring Business

RollMaster was designed by flooring professionals with experience in every market sector, including Multi-Family or Property Management, to ensure the success of our clients. We also actively program to adapt to changes or needs within the multi-family market. We understand the unique needs of multi-family flooring businesses and we know what your business needs to perform as effectively as possible. We have a 3-tier property management system for sales, billing, and analysis, plus a feature to import and export property templates to keep product and pricing up to date for each property.

Increasing Efficiencies in Your Mutli-family Business

Our core product gives you the tools you need to be efficient and accurate, taking time and effort out of your day-to-day. Additional tools make operating within this market sector much easier.

Key features to help with your daily multi-family operations:

  • Integrated multi-family estimating software for quick and accurate takeoffs
  • Generic product listings that allow for rotating different manufacturer products
  • Extensive Inventory Management and Work Order features for optimal material handling
  • Importing and Exporting of property templates for quick updates and additions
  • Sales Analysis by Property, Property Manager, & Property Management-up to 3 tiers
  • Web Portal program to allow each property to place orders that automatically integrate with RollMaster Software for quick turnaround
  • And so much more!

The Tools You Need When You Need Them

We offer many efficiency tools that are beneficial to multi-family flooring businesses. Our clients have found the most improvement to their businesses with the following products:

Quick and accurate estimating!

Analytics and business intelligence integration.

Wireless Warehousing using handheld devices.

Catalog and pricing data and web services.

Correspond with your customers with ease!

Access your inventory, customer, vendor, installation, and leads data from your mobile device.

Condense your paperwork considerably.

Manage your installation department on the go.

Streamline the way you process credit card payments.

Multi-language translation on several customer facing documents.

Custom web portals for you multi-family clients!

RollMaster has partnered with PenSoft payroll for payroll processing solutions.

Save on your monthly telecom costs.

Allows for exporting Vendor Invoice export data in the RealPage format.

Dramatically reduce paper invoices and streamlines communication with Vendors.

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RollMaster Software is the complete solution for managing your flooring business. Whether you provide flooring for large commercial projects or single family homes, our software is designed to help your business grow and become more profitable.