For big commercial flooring jobs, you need software that can handle multi-phase jobs with virtually limitless product and labor items. Our commercial flooring software is organized in a way that allows easy tracking of profit, margin, and billing strategies. Even main street commercial jobs require specialized processes, all of which can be found within the RollMaster System. Our software was designed to be scalable, so no project is too large or too small.

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We Know the Commercial Flooring Business

Our powerful commercial flooring software was built by flooring professionals for flooring professionals. As a result, we know the unique needs of commercial flooring businesses and the features and tools your business needs to perform as effectively as possible. Our core product gives you the options you need to be efficient and accurate. Our efficiency tools help close deals, perform jobs smoothly, and keep everyone on the same page in real-time.

Increasing Efficiencies with Commercial Flooring Software

Our commercial estimating program integrates directly with RollMaster and core features assist with properly pricing your initial bid. Additional features allow for partial shipping and invoicing of material and labor, tracking work in progress, dealing with retainage amounts, and job costing throughout the process.

Key features to help with your daily commercial operations:

  • Integrated estimating allows for quick takeoffs to complete the bidding process.
  • Commercial pricing tool for calculating total bid price by profit, margin, or total sale.
  • Extensive product catalog—stock and sell any product for your commercial jobs.
  • Projects Module allows for tracking multiple jobs as one project for viewing total cost, profit, and sale, as well as change orders.
  • Schedule of Values to manage your project’s bottom line.
  • Friendly Support above all.
  • And so much more!

The Tools You Need When You Need Them

We offer many efficiency tools that are beneficial to your commercial flooring businesses. Our clients have found the most improvement to their businesses with the following products:

Quick and accurate estimating!

Analytics and business intelligence integration.

Wireless Warehousing using handheld devices.

Catalog and pricing data and web services.

Correspond with your customers with ease!

Access your inventory, customer, vendor, installation, and leads data from your mobile device.

Condense your paperwork considerably.

Manage your installation department on the go.

Multi-language translation on several customer facing documents.

RollMaster has partnered with PenSoft payroll for payroll processing solutions.

Save on your monthly telecom costs.

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RollMaster Software is the complete solution for managing your flooring business. Whether you provide flooring for large commercial projects or single family homes, our software is designed to help your business grow and become more profitable.