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How To Make Your Installation Process More Efficient To Save Your Business Money

Owners and managers of flooring businesses know just how valuable it is to make their business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. From boosting sales to cleaning up their inventory process, running a tight ship helps your business make more money! The installation team is one of the most crucial in flooring businesses. They’reRead More

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RollMaster Software Announces Acquisition of VenCom EDI– Top Priority is Maintaining Continuity of Service to Existing Clients

Textile Management Systems, Inc., d/b/a RollMaster Software, a top tier flooring specific business management software, has finalized a deal to acquire VenCom EDI. This deal was precipitated by the passing of VenCom, LLC co-owner and founder, Bob Turner, earlier this year. “Bob was a founding member of the fcB2B initiative, as were we, so theRead More