History & Team

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RollMaster Flooring Software got its start in the late 1970s when our founder Dev O’Reilly became frustrated with the lack of industry specific software for his own family flooring distribution business. From the start, the system was designed to deliver real-time fully integrated data from several locations, with the groundwork in place to deliver a scalable platform to ensure our clients would be able to grow within the system, while maintaining profitability.

The company launched a Retail System, called RollMaster, in the mid-1980s, which has now grown to become the leader in Cloud Based Flooring Business Management Software, serving every flooring market sector, including Distribution. We have over thirty team members and serve thousands of flooring professionals throughout the US and Canada.

At the heart of the company and our staff, is a desire to help our clients succeed and prosper. As you will discover as you get to know us better, every department is dedicated to training, supporting, and providing ever-improving technology, including integrations with non-flooring business and marketing applications, to make RollMaster the backbone of our client’s operations and the only software they’ll ever need. When you’re looking for the best flooring software consider RollMaster first!

Dev O’Reilly

Founder, President and CEO

Debbie O’Reilly

Vice President of Administration

Patrick Ferries

National Sales Manager and COO

Pat Pritchett

Director of Operations

Chris Burlon

Chief Software Architect

Rachel Reynolds

Support Supervisor / Support Department

Christine Poplau

Consulting Supervisor / Consulting Department

Kelly Oechslin

Product Marketing Manager / Marketing Department

Dan Seago

Trainer / Training Department

Rich Ammons

Trainer / Training Department

Steven Apple

Trainer / Training Department

Jamie Alfonso

Support Agent / Support Department

Dawn Satinoff

Support Agent / Support Department

Theresa Horton

Support Agent / Support Department

Theresa Chase

Support Agent / Support Department

Brandon Pindell

Regional Sales EC / Sales Department

Daniel Damato

Estimating Sales and Training / Sales Department

Kelli Gratner

Marketing Support / Marketing

Martin Parker

Regional Sales WC / Sales Department

Jess Tendler

Consultant / Consulting Department

Alexandra Cummins

Web Developer / Development Department

Casey Boudreaux

Programmer / Development Department

Jehremie Woods

Web Development Supervisor / Development Department

John Detillier

Programmer / Development Department

Justin Howell

Web Developer / Development Department

Justin Zint

Web Developer / Development Department

Lesley Jewell

Programmer / Development Department

Timothy Henderson

Programmer / Development Department

William Gillane

Programmer / Development Department

Gretchen Jewell

Senior Project Manager of Business Intelligence

Chris Stephens

Consultant / Consulting department

Chris Eades

Sales Coordinator / Sales Department